TL;DR:  Like Instagram, but comics!

InstaMeggs is a kid-safe, free new mobile-designed site just for viewing the Ginger Meggs comic strips on your phone.

Who Is Ginger Meggs?

Ginger Meggs is Australia’s favourite boy! The Ginger Meggs comic strip has been running since 1921, making it 96 years old this year. Ginger Meggs is syndicated in print by Universal Uclick.

Ginger Meggs is Australian?

Yep! Proudly Australian, and an Aussie icon at that. The Prime Minister of Australia once said of Meggsie, “Ginger Meggs is Australia’s Peter Pan. Most of us can recognise in him our own youth, but unlike him, we had to grow up”.

Why vertical scrolling comic strips?

From a very young age, kids know to scroll down on a phone to see pictures and games. Scrolling with the thumb is intuitive! We scroll down to read our Instagram feed, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest- and read websites! Why not comics?

Where can I read the newest strips?

You can read the newest Ginger Meggs strips every day in your local paper. If they don’t run it, write your editor a letter asking him to put him in! Otherwise check out GoComics.com/gingermeggs.

Can I use it on Android?

InstaMeggs is designed for all mobile devices including devices running both Android and all versions of iOS. To read the ‘graffiti’ you may need to turn off Orientation Lock.

Does it cost anything?

Not a cent! Instameggs is here for your reading pleasure, 100% free. (No ads!)


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“I LOVE this idea. So Smart!”
~ Matt Saraceni
Head of Content, OMNY iPhone App

“Great idea!”
~ Phil Judd
Cartoonist, Comic-Express

“iMeggsie finally puts the classic art of the comic strip into a user friendly format on our devices. Scrollable sequential art, it’s about time!”
Luke Watson
Cartoonist who spend too much time avoiding work on his phone.